Monday, 1 September 2014

Positivity needed

After a weekend of non-stop coughing I'm hoping that this week it all clears up. The last time I had a virus that went on and on was a few of years back when Mountain Man and I both got flu and it wiped us out for over a month. Neither of us can afford the time for illness. MM is about to go off on several trips abroad to ride his bike and look after people while they ride theirs and I've got workshop on Thursday and other work that needs concentration. Neither of which is easy for me when I seem to have to cough every other minute.

On Saturday I facilitated an all day workshop on my own aided and abetted by Lemsip and other medications to keep as much of my cough at bay as I could. It went incredibly well for the clients, but it wiped me out, so yesterday was spent in recovery. This entailed going to Melrose with the dog and sitting outside a cafe enjoying the sunshine and a toasted sandwich and then coming home and sitting out in the garden reading. I wasn't good for much else.

I also don't want to still have this next week when I'm off to (hopefully) sunny Spain to spend time with my friend Larraine at her sister's apartment in Jerez. I'm pretty well up to speed now with my travel arrangements and only have my Euros to get and then it's just a last minute flinging of clothes and sun tan lotion in the suitcase and I'll be good to go. I certainly don't want a cough as an accompaniment.

Right, enough of that... time to think positive and thoughts about wellness. And I'd be very grateful if anyone who wants to add to that positivity did so. Or keep your fingers crossed. Or anything really that might help me feel better.

Thank you!

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