Monday, 18 August 2014

That autumn feeling

I know I live in Scotland and shouldn't complain that our summer's seem to go by very fast, but they do and I am.

It's the middle of August and yet it's been so cold the last couple of days I've felt like putting the heating on... but I won't. The only reason being that, no matter how cold it gets, it's August and no heating goes on in August. That's the rules!

Meanwhile, to go along with the downturn in weather, both Mountain Man and I have succumbed to a cold of sorts. Both of us feeling crap does not bode well, but as I'm always the one who get's it worse (really I do) I woke up this morning with vomiting. There's no way I'm driving to Inverness today and will just have to hope I feel better enough tomorrow to wake up at 5 and drive all the way up, attend my meeting and drive all the way back down in one day.

So today is a bed day. After writing this I'm going to entertain myself and watch Frozen on the CD my grandson lent me. Mmmm well that sounds a whole lot better than driving up the A9!

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