Sunday, 20 April 2014

MM hits the nail on the head?

Yesterday was just beautiful and Odi and I spent a very pleasant afternoon out in the garden after a morning of supermarket shopping and wandering about Kelso.

I did a bit of sunbathing, a bit of reading and playing games with Odi. She had a couple of completely mad moments racing round and round the garden and then came and plonked herself down on top of me while I was lying on my front on the blow-up bed on the grass. It was really funny, but there isn't a photo as Mountain Man wasn't quick enough. She weighs a ton!

A bit of r&r

Odi's behaviour was still very 'adolescent'. She would check that I had something in my hand before coming, so we did a bit of training with lots of treats so it would be a success. But there were still moments of aberration, like while MM was doing a bit of gardening he caught her trying to climb over the wall to get to our neighbours!

Then this morning when I went to get Odi up I realised she'd come into season. In some ways this is such a relief and I'm hoping it's the reason for all the recent less than good behaviour.

I think MM's statement of 'thank God for that' was actually very appropriate for Easter, don't you think?


  1. Just caught up! That explains things! Poor Odi will be all over the place. It was a real learning curve for me with Amber (who was finally spayed on Thursday) but hopefully things will go smoothly for you and all will be back to normal in a few weeks.

    1. Let's hope so Denise! Hadn't realised Amber was in for her op. Hope it all went well x