Wednesday, 30 April 2014

In need of therapy

Today I was at an event hosted by the charity Places for People Scotland Care and Support. I'm on the Board of Directors and thought it would be a good thing to show my face.

The actual event was called A Single Step and was about getting people to think about taking a single step to becoming green. The main speaker was Wayne Hemingway and before I went I was a bit dubious as to what I thought about him, but he was inspiring. He was passionate about recycling/upcycling and growing things and I was very impressed.

As well as interacting with staff and clients I was given free seed potatoes and spring onions and had the opportunity to decorate a hat, which was good fun.

Sadly as the day progressed so did a sore throat and my sinuses became steadily more blocked. I left a bit early and was relieved to get home and do not much for the evening - and given that the weather became more winter-like I ended up holding on to my Peter Rabbit hotwater bottle to help me feel better.

I hope Peter Rabbit therapy works as tomorrow the lovely Folly (a 13-week German Shepherd/retriever cross comes to stay for a few days and I think energy is going to be the order of the day.


  1. I hope the therapy works too because I think the energy comment may be something of an understatement :)

    1. Peter Rabbit worked to some degree and I got a bit of energy back. Sadly the energy needed far exceeded the energy gained!