Thursday, 10 April 2014

Back to being old fashioned

I seem to be floundering slightly. The weeks seem to be zipping by and it all feels a bit out of control especially when I've been experiencing diary problems.

What my iPhone and my MacBook are supposed to do is seamlessly add any additions I've made no matter which diary I've entered the appointments in, but ever since I upgraded the operating system on both they have decided they're not speaking to one another and consequently I can't keep track of what appointments I've made.

I thought I'd fixed it, but having had to change several dates recently I've realised it's not fixed at all. Back to the drawing board on that one.

So now I'm back to using my paper diary. It's much more reliable than the electronic versions and at least if you book a lunch date with me you should feel assured that I won't have to cancel it a few days before because of double-booking! 


  1. Urrggghh ,sounds like when I come back from Oz and the phone tries to adapt for the time zone, meaning people's birthdays change days in my calendar. Hope you get it sorted.

    1. Yikes, that sounds difficult. I don't know what I'd do if that happened. I'm pretty hopeless at birthdays in the first place!