Saturday, 26 April 2014

Another play date

As I told you in yesterday's post Odi had a playdate with Mary, but because the photos were on Mountain Man's phone I didn't get them til late afternoon when he got home from business activities in Edinburgh.

Odi has quite a few Guide Dog pals. It amazes me that they all are so unbelievably good natured and seem to get on so well with each other. There's no drama, no fighting, just play, play, play.

Mary's puppy walker is also called Mary. There's apparently a funny conversation with the puppy supervisor and Mary that goes something along the lines of:
PS: Hi Mary, I'm wondering if you could take on a black lab bitch that needs re-homing due to circumstances.
Mary: Ok. Well what's her name?
PS: Mary
Mary: Yes?
and so it went on!

Here's pic of them both. Just lovely.

Odi and Mary. Mary has a bit of skin condition above her left eyebrow so it looks a little weird but it doesn't seem to bother her at all.