Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A visitor to cell block H

Poor Odi has been an enforced prisoner at home since Sunday. I didn't dare take her anywhere since she's in season, but she spent plenty of time in the garden playing and rushing around.

Today I heard from the Puppy Supervisor and we're allowed to take her around town (streets only) as long as she's on the lead and there aren't any loose dogs around. But before I had that call I'd already arranged a puppy play date with the adorable 12 week old Folly, who's a German Shepherd/Lab cross.

I thought it would be great to introduce them as Folly is coming to stay with us for 4 whole days in May and also it would provide Odi with much needed distraction from not being allowed to run free for a while.

Odi was so excited to have a pal here. Poor little Folly didn't quite know what to make of her initially, but as Folly lives with the very excitable Cathy (another Guide Dog puppy in training who's now a year old and is due to go off to 'big school' very soon) she knows all about being jumped on.

Folly then decided she'd had quite enough of all that big dog play, so apart from barking at Odi (I'm not sure Odi quite knew what to do with that), she then took one of Odi's nylabones and sat in Odi's bed with it - all very cute.

Odi behaved well and although did take the bone back from Folly she did so with no hint of 'it's mine', she just wanted to play.

The only problem was, the prisoner was so pleased to have her visitor here, she was almost overcome with excitement and paid scant attention to what I asked her to do. She was also very, very sad to see Folly leave and sat by the front door looking longingly at it.

It's going to be fun having Folly to stay. At least it will be for Odi!

It's mine!


  1. Yes for Odi, not sure about the rest of us!

    1. Well as you're away for a couple of those days, I think you're getting off lightly MM!

  2. Oh my goodness, you're blog is turning into puppy porn - and makes me really want one!

    1. I know... I'm going to have to do a coffee plant post soon, but nothing much is happening with them.