Wednesday, 18 September 2013

September coffee plant update

As I'm off to London tomorrow and Thailand on Saturday I thought I'd better give you a coffee plant update before I go.

The biggest plant is now snug surrounded by its winter fleece. It had started dropping leaves, which was very scary as it's supposed to be the healthy one, but I'm hoping it was just a blip.

A snug coffee plant

The smaller ones, although looking a little rough around the edges, have all got new growth.  They are still on the windowsill and I'm not sure if that's where they'll stay, but I'm leaving them in Mountain Man's undoubtedly capable hands so he will have the ultimate say-so for the next just over 3 weeks.

While up on the windowsill there's growing to do

Well my suitcase is jam packed... full of cold preparations in the hope I can throw off the dreaded lurgy before Saturday and, what seems to be, far too much stuff... but it is a small case so maybe I'm fussing for nothing.

As always it's doubtful I'll be blogging while I'm away, but you will get a report when I'm back.  So au revoir and 'see' you in mid-October!


  1. Safe & healthy journey! Will look forward to the report of your adventures when you're back. x

    1. Thank you. Given how it's starting I'm hoping 'healthy' is the major option here!

  2. Have fun and take lots of photo's.

    1. I'm really pleased with myself as I've packed my camera battery recharger for the first ever time :)