Saturday, 7 September 2013

Sad Saturday night

It's been a regular cleaning fest chez moi tonight. A bit of a sad way to spend a Saturday night I know.

Actually, I was looking forward to Strictly Come Dancing this evening, but after the first ten minutes I'm afraid I got out the vacuum instead and started on my bedroom.

How disappointing that they waste a whole programme on showing who's going to be with whom... already decided by the powers-that-be. For goodness sake, I only watch it for the dancing. Talk about a boring programme.

Of course this was good news for the bedroom as it desperately needed a clean and once I'd started I couldn't stop.

Surfaces have been wiped, bits of paper I've been holding on to 'just in case' have been chucked out. I found things I didn't remember I had, things I remembered I had but wish I'd forgotten about, a few books that I know I read, but can't remember any of the storyline and a few books that need desperately to be taken to the secondhand shop, because sadly I actually can remember the storyline.

So maybe not such a sad Saturday night after all.

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