Sunday, 1 September 2013

My weekend

Our lovely friends, Sarah and John, came to dinner and to stay last night, but not before I'd been to a poetry event put on by CABN (the Borders Creative Art Network). It was very good, if not a bit 'above' my level of poetry and an opportunity to listen to my betters talk about how to get an Artist in Residency slot. It was also an opportunity to connect with some poetry friends I met a couple of years back, and almost became an opportunity for complete embarrassment when I filled my bottle of water and didn't put the top back on properly and found myself with a wet patch in an unfortunate place. Thank goodness for my silky trousers, which had dried by the time the talks stopped and it was time to schmooze. Phew... that really was a close one!

I rushed home to get dinner ready. Sarah had already sent me a long list of things John - better known as JT, as Mountain Man is also John and it all gets a bit too confusing - doesn't like to eat, amongst which was shellfish. I'd already decided on a fish stew for main, but was stumped for a starter as JT isn't a veggie fan, so I decided on gambas al pil pil (prawns in garlic and chilli) for starter for 3 of us and eventually plumped on some chicken things on skewers from Sainsburys for JT.

And so it turned out as we tucked into our delicious prawn starter that JT doesn't like shellfish apart from prawns, and he likes prawns much better than he likes chicken on skewers from Sainsburys. But he's a trooper and ate his starter with no complaint. He did, however, steal one of Sarah's prawns just to make his point.

The rest of the meal went without incident, apart from drinking far more wine than I should have and there were some hilarious conversations about Sarah and my possible Commonwealth Games volunteering, Jedi NLPers and active feminists. This last due entirely to JT's work situation where he was faced with someone who actually called herself one on her application form. So we wondered (for quite a long, alcohol-fuelled time) what it would take to be an inactive feminist. I think it was one of those conversations you had to be there for!

It was a late night and a late rise this morning followed by more hilarity as JT had a go on my under-desk treadmill (not a favourite) and my e-bike (definitely a favourite). When they left I'm sorry to say MM and I collapsed back on the bed and decided the rest of this Autumnal Sunday would be spent in R&R and all the things that need to be done would get left for another day.

In other words, it's been a great weekend.

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