Thursday, 12 September 2013

Car news

I have for some time become a bit pissed off with my car, because everytime it goes anywhere near a garage it comes out needing more and very expensive work. Today was no exception. I got my MOT for £30, but only to be told that it is in serious need of new shock absorbers. I suppose I should be grateful it passed the MOT.

I'm now seriously looking for another car for next year before this one costs me anymore... there's famous last words I know and at this rate it may well be before next year that I have to bite the bullet. It doesn't help when the very nice receptionist at the garage said, 'Well it has done quite a lot of miles and it is of that age.' I absolutely know from this statement that a new car will have to be sooner rather than later.

However, today wasn't a total disaster. I had been invited to Henderson's for a poetry reading this morning by someone who's in my summer poetry class. A friend of her's was one of the poets reading today. It turns out that this person and I have a lot in common in the way of work and during our very pleasant lunchtime chat she asked me if I'd be interested in going to China. Would I ever! She's doing a lecture tour there and is looking for people she can invite to talk too... how exciting is that? Of course I'm not sure this will ever come to fruition, but it was so nice to be asked. I shall have to wait and see how this pans out.

Then just before I went to pick up my car I popped into Space NK to have a bit of a browse and it turns out one of my ex-clients is working there. Sometimes this can a be an absolute nightmare in the making, but on this occasion it was great. She came bounding up to tell me how well she was getting on and how much she valued the work we did together. She also said how much she liked my little book. Such a lovely interlude and I left feeling really good, which was just as well given what I was faced with when I went to pick up my car.

So now my car is off back to the garage on Tuesday to have front shock absorbers fitted. I'm just hoping it doesn't decide it wants anything else done when it get's there!

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