Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Lots to prepare for

This morning the Puppy Walking Supervisor for Guide Dogs For The Blind came round to talk about last minute concerns and bring us a dog cage for our puppy to sleep in and a training manual to look at.

Before she came I had a list of concerns, which she answered, but now I think I have an even longer list! Part of the problem, I think, is that we won't be getting the puppy until early November and the time since being accepted has been quite long, so it's given me almost too much time to think about it.

But now, my mind has to turn to other things. I have my holiday in Thailand to plan for - I'm actually away to London on 19th September for some work to be done on 20th and then fly out to Bangkok on 21st. And I'm not coming back until 14th October. I'm very under-prepared, which isn't like me at all, but I have my money, my tickets, my passport and my Lonely Planet Guide (as yet unread), so I should be alright... shouldn't I?

Then there's the Romance Novel Writing course I've taken on, where the first assignment has to be in the day I fly and the second whilst I'm away. I've actually done the first and sent it off, but the second needs a bit of work. The third one has to be in the week I arrive back, so I'm already trying to plan that so that I can have time to get over my jetlag without a deadline to panic about.

So that's me... writing, travelling and puppy... that should keep me busy!

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