Friday, 23 August 2013

Too tired to think

I think I've got a little bit too used to the 'retired' bit of semi-retired as I found my visit to Inverness for work matters this week very tiring. So much so that the very thought that I have to do it all again (for the second part of the training) in 2 weeks time is feeling a bit overwhelming. It doesn't help that I've got a workshop to deliver tomorrow in Edinburgh either.

On the other hand I have a feeling that Mountain Man is rather pleased I'm so tired, because it means I can't even be bothered to 'plan'. The latest plan, which he's had to execute according to my exacting standards, has been the veg patch and I think he's slightly worried about the extra work he'll have to do once my thinking is back in order and normal service is resumed.


  1. Clearly you must stop being semi-retired and adopt it wholeheartedly! Hope MM has got the veggie patch up to scratch.

    1. It's really great, Denise. All nice ordered rows and paths. I love it. If it stops raining tomorrow I'll take a photo and post it for you to see. x