Tuesday, 6 August 2013

On their way

Yesterday, whilst I was in Edinburgh, Mountain Man was dealing with an accident outside of our house, where a car had gone straight over the crossroads without stopping and smacked straight into an ambulance that was on the main road and had right of way. Luckily no-one was hurt... and from what MM told me, they were all truly lucky.

However, the ambulance ploughed it's way through 4 flower tubs, that have graced our pavements and given the village a colourful air for years, and the debris is now lying scattered all the way along the pavement from the corner to our home.

Apart from looking unsightly, this has also proven to be most unfortunate for MM who parked his car outside last night and woke up this morning to a flat tyre. He's going nowhere for the time being as the AA, who've promised to come and fix the tyre roadside, are still on their way.

Also on their way, apparently, are Borders Council who were supposed to have cleared this yesterday.

So is Christmas I'm tempted to say...


  1. MM is not saying a word as his week, so far, has been seriously disrupted. The K word is not far away (karma that is!) and sense of just relaxing and going with the flow. Away work will have to wait until tomorrow.

  2. Had a near miss myself yesterday when a mini came hurtling towards me on my side of the road forcing me off the road! There really are some idiots out there. I'm all for roof mounted missile launchers. Road rage ? Me?
    Glad they at least managed to miss your house and no-one was hurt.

    1. That sounds awful, Denise. Really scary. Still at least you're just angry and not hurt ;)