Saturday, 3 August 2013

Les vacances en France - les pictures

I still haven't found the cable for my camera, but the lovely Denise pointed out I didn't need it and could just upload straight from the memory card... oops, I'd completely forgotten that one!

So here are some pics from my time in France:

I took the ferry from Portsmouth to Caen and was lucky enough to be given a very front seat for the 6 hour sailing.

Setting out from Portsmouth at 2.30 pm

Arriving in France at 9.30 pm - already on French time

Day 1 - After time to play with dogs and sit in the sunshine under the canopy that Krzyzstof put up for our pleasure, we had a jaunt to Sees for a wander and then home to relax.

Asher and Phoenix in the back garden

The back of Sara and Krzyzstof's house with canopy

The town hall in Sees

Day 2: A stay at home day. Reading in the sunshine and doing a few chores - Sara and K mainly... tho I did help a bit!

The view from my bedroom window

Eli and Asher with Sara. Phoenix can just be seen in the background behind K

Day 3: A supermarket shopping trip and then off to look at the 16th C Manoir de Soisay.  It was a strange place. Very beautiful on the outside, and the brickwork on the inside was to die for, but the people that own it are artists and, in their wisdom, have decided to display their works. Sadly penises (penii?) and boobs as modern sculptures don't do it for me, so you don't get any photos of those!

In the evening we had the most amazing storm where we went from no wind/clear skies to high winds/incredible storm clouds/thunder and lightning within seconds. It abated just as quickly.

One of the stags in the grounds of Le Manoir de Soisay

View of Le Manoir from the driveway

 View looking out from Le Manoir. The sculpture in the foreground is one of the few not of a penis or a boob!

Asher watching the storm clouds arriving

Day 4: Day of the Vide Grenier. No pics I'm afraid as I was too busy looking at merchandise! On the way back we stopped to get bread at Mortree and have a quick look at one of the churches.

The church at Mortree

Day 5: This was a day of gardening. We cleared hedges and cut back all kinds of weeds that were growing up the house.

Day 6: Time to go. I took a pic of the chickens for Denise, a pic of Jingle the donkey and Piccolo the pony's arse and my almost annual pic of Sara and K with the dogs, but Eli refused point blank to have his photo taken as he wanted to get in the car and was scared if he did come into the sitting room he'd be shut in and not allowed on the journey! Eli did get in the car and was most disappointed when Sara wouldn't let him come onto the station platform to wave goodbye.

Chickens - the black one is a Caumont and has a rather strange shaped head
Piccolo's arse (he wasn't going to turn around for love nor money) and Jingle

Sara, Phoenix, Krzyzstof and Asher

Sara and Eli at the station

Some incredibly lovely memories.


  1. That looks idyllic. And like you had a lovely break. What super chickens, dogs and equines!

  2. Idyllic is the right word. Thought you might like the chickens!

  3. Looks like a lovely week. The dogs are beautiful but look more like horses than dogs!

    1. I just love going there. It's such a treat and I'm told I'm there to relax, so couldn't get better than that. The dogs are real gentle giants and really sweet natured. The only problem I had was when Phoenix (the white one) decided she wanted to sit on the swing seat with me... her face was a picture when the seat swung away!