Saturday, 10 August 2013

It's happening...

... just not yet.

Yesterday I had a communication with the Guide Dogs For The Blind Puppywalker Supervisor and our puppy should be with us in November!

The reason for the hold-up is that I'm off on another holiday in late September for 3 weeks and then have a trip to London to contend with and, as Mountain Man has a lot of work in September and October, it wouldn't be fair to get a puppy and immediately farm it out to someone else for a month.

Now of course I'll have to start clearing the Puppy Space and generally get a place somewhere else for everything that a puppy could possibly chew that's currently in our utility room. This could be a lot harder than it sounds as MM and I aren't the tidiest of folk.

I am very excited at the prospect of a new being coming into our home, but I'm also a bit anxious. I haven't had a puppy around for 15 years and then we had almost 5 acres of woods and fields for a dog to explore. One of the good things of being a puppy walker is that I will have to take the puppy everywhere with me, which includes shops, buses and trains as well as car trips and any other place that I can think of to introduce the puppy to the world at large.

So that's this weekend's exciting news and no doubt you'll get far more regular updates about the puppy situation than you'll ever get about the coffee plants!


  1. The puppy needs to meet a selection of dogs (preferably German Shepherds and Parsons Russels), cats( preferably long haired tabby dog savvy ones) and a multitude of equines. And chickens. Where might that happen? At a pre Christmas do? Lets phone our ex OU pals and ask!
    How exciting!