Monday, 12 August 2013

Monday morning questions

I noticed some years ago that my dress size changed. This, I hasten to add, had nothing to do with my gaining or losing weight as my statistics are still pretty much the same, but rather in my opinion more to do with a manufacturing con. I went from a 12 to 10 to an 8 and sometimes even a 6 depending where I'm shopping. I still have clothes that I bought back in the 70's and some are a size 12, but they fit the same.

I was in the supermarket the other day buying eggs and I began to wonder what happened to small size eggs? There are large and medium, but no small. I looked in a box of medium and I could have sworn they were small. And actually it also seems that if I choose to buy a box of 'mixed sizes' I'm pretty sure most of the eggs are not really mixed but actually very small ones, much smaller than the ones in the medium box.

So what is this about size? Am I the only person who remembers being able buy small eggs? Has your dress size migrated down? Is this a female thing (not the size of the eggs of course!) or have men's sizes changed too?

Too many questions for a Monday morning and I'm sure you can tell I'm procrastinating. Fascinating what my mind throws up for me when I have a tax return to do...

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