Sunday, 18 August 2013

A seasoned hoarder

Way back at the beginning of the year I stated I was determined to get my house tidy and lose a goodly amount of the rubbish that I seem to have hoarded over the years. Of course the year has trundled on and I've not cleared half as much as I'd said I would, but the thought of a puppy joining us in approximately 10 weeks time has forced me into starting the big clear out.

So far my poor shredder has gone onto overload and our recycle bin, which is collected every two weeks and is due for collection tomorrow, is full to the brim with shredded paper bits from years back.

The big clear out was in full flow but is about to come to an abrupt halt as I make my way north to Inverness for a few days of teaching this week, and Mountain Man, who has done a sterling job on our utility room, is off to the Lake District for mountain matters.

My hope is, that by the time our puppy (which should be born within the next two or three weeks) is ready to join us, we will be living in a hoard free zone.

Some hope!

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