Friday, 5 May 2017

It's a dog's life

It's felt like a busy week, except of course that it's not been... just feels like it.

Diesel has had some lovely playtimes, some of which were meant and some definitely weren't! He had a wonderful time with Oscar, who's 18 months, on Sunday. They raced round and round the garden, played tug and did quite a bit of playfighting. 

Diesel with his new best friend, Oscar

Then on Tuesday we had puppy class. Diesel immediately spotted Oscar and decided it had to be playtime. Then there was Folly and Milly and Robyn to name a few and that was that. One decidedly badly behaved puppy who wouldn't do a thing he was asked, apart from a great recall, which surprised everyone.

Wednesday we went to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh to meet up with William (better known as Prince William) a 9.5 week old retriever, who is absolutely gorgeous. He's a big boy and looks like a teddy bear. Diesel thought it must be playtime again and I struggled to get him to walk nicely, which in the end I gave up as a lost cause and we went for a cuppa. Lovely to sit in the sunshine and enjoy some warmth though. I've decided if William is the Prince, then Diesel is the court jester!

Court Jester Diesel and Prince William

From the Botanics we headed for Portobello to meet up with a new boarder. She's going to take Diesel for a day later in the month when I have a writing event to go to. He loved it at hers as she had a great plant at Diesel height and he spent an hour being told off for keeping on attacking it. At least she hasn't refused to take him.

Yesterday my car needed something sorted and so we were given a courtesy car so I could get about. Diesel immediately decided that the lever that moves the seat back and forward was a far better toy than his monkey. I now have to pay for a new one. Oh dear! He was definitely in the dog house for that one!

And from that disaster we went off to Susan and Gordon's, so that I could air my woes and Diesel could play with his chums, Milly and Folly.

Milly looking adorable

Diesel was warmly welcomed and even got to sit on Susan's knee for a cuddle.

'Don't take my pic!' - Oh dear - too late!

Before finally heading home and crashing for the afternoon.

Exhausted at last!

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