Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Sickness, teething and a trip south

How come the days go by so quickly? Here we are on 17th May (I've realised I've not posted in almost 2 weeks) and next month, half the year will have gone by... Xmas next!!

Okay, well... I've had a sick puppy on my hands. He's had diarrhoea, which started almost 2 weeks ago. He was given medication and a light diet and all seemed ok, but then I had to go to London and my friend, Lynne, took him and that night there was a reoccurrence. I did offer to not go (I was off the next morning), but Lynne told me it was fine. I went, feeling super guilty, but she insisted.

Lynne took him to the vet then next morning and he was given more meds and back on the light diet, with a gradual intro to his food. All was going well. I picked him up on Saturday evening and he seemed fine only to revert back to diarrhoea by the next morning. So, after consultation with Guide Dogs, he was back on light diet and I've been slowly putting his own food back in, in the hope that all will be ok. So far so good.

He's actually been teething too, which won't have helped and is due his 16 week jags on Friday, so really needs to be better for them. We'll see what the next couple of days brings.

Meanwhile my trip to London was a great success. Apart from when I got there and my mother had had yet another fall that morning and was feeling sore, but wouldn't accept any help and then didn't remember falling.

I had a lovely social time with friends and my cousin, who was over from The States. I'd actually arranged the trip to spend time with him. We went to a rather fascinating restaurant, Gauthier Soho, where you have to ring the bell to go in. Also, they don't let anyone in the door before 6.30 (when our table was booked) and so, after arriving at 6.15 and being told politely to go away and come back in 15 minutes (I wasn't the only one by any means) and wondering what I was going to do with myself, I needn't have worried. I sneezed and had a nosebleed, so had to find a toilet to go and deal with it. Thank goodness for the Pret A Manger across the street! Anyway, that took up my 15 minutes and then I went back and was let in.

It's a Michelin star type experience (with the price to match), but good fun, good food, good company and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Since getting home I've managed to finish my play and send it off. Now I keep dreaming of all the other dialogue I could have put in. Will it win prizes? I have my doubts, but an achievement is an achievement and I'm super proud I've managed that.

Diesel is growing bigger by the day... literally. He goes to bed and comes out every morning even more leggy and with bigger paws than the day before. He's either going to be a big dog, or look extremely silly and I'm not betting on which of those two it might be!

Diesel showing his two missing top teeth

True relaxation with his best friend, Teddy

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