Friday, 19 May 2017

The grand plan

Today Diesel was 16 weeks old. He went to the vet for his jags and was given an A* rating for behaviour and gorgeousness.

The gorgeousness is part and parcel, but the good behaviour was down to an exhausting day for him yesterday.

We started off by going into Edinburgh to meet up with my friend, Shirley. We went to the Market Street Cafe, where Diesel disgraced himself by barking when no-one was paying him any attention. Not great Guide Dog behaviour! But then we went for a walk around town (better known as shopping) and I have to say he was pretty good. He even passed a proper Guide Dog who wanted to say hello, but Diesel (aided and abetted by a treat) walked on by without a blink.

We also had an extraordinary serendipitous meeting. Shirley and I went to pay a visit to the Laura Mercer counter in Harvey Nicks for a spot of eye shadow and the girl that was serving us was asking about my puppy walking. It turns out her boyfriend's grandparents have Diesel's sister, Jinny. I gave her my details to give to them and they were in touch on Facebook. We're going to get the sibs together when they get back from their hols in June. How amazing is that?

Then yesterday evening I was invited to Susan and Gordon's (other puppy walkers) for drinks and nibbles and Gordon even came to pick me and Diesel up. Diesel had a wonderful time playing with his pals, Minnie (formerly Millie/Molly... don't ask) and Folly. We didn't get home until 11.30.

This morning I didn't get him up until 7.30 (we usually get up around 6.45) and when we went to the vet, he walked beautifully in Kelso, showing off his skills... but of course he was really tired from yesterday.

Consequently, next Friday, which is when the puppy supervisor is coming to Kelso for walking around and then assessing Diesel for a free run (his first off the lead experience), I've already arranged with Gordon and Susan that Diesel will be taken over to theirs the night before for a play with his pals. Hopefully this will end with Diesel being exhausted enough to behave well when the PS is down.

That's the plan anyway. I can only hope it'll work!

16 weeks and looking gorgeous!

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