Wednesday, 26 October 2016


I did it. I actually 'culled' my coffee plants. I now have two plants. Yes, you read that right... two.

My new light arrived today (at great expense too!) as the other contraption I tried just wasn't going to work so got returned. I eventually found a place (in Germany) that did the proper replacement bulbs for my previous expensive contraption and now all is installed and working.

The only problem was that when I investigated I realised that the smallest one was being swamped by the two medium (very healthy ones) and only had about 5 leaves, so I'm afraid it, and the largest one that kept having very brown leaves and looking poorly, were removed.

After so many years of growing them I felt disloyal getting rid, and yes, I do realise that they are plants and thinning etc is generally good for plants, but still... it's been a long haul.

Let's just hope the last two stay healthy or I shall be the proud owner of one expensive lighting system and that's it!

Two very healthy looking coffee plants

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