Thursday, 13 October 2016

Coffee plant update!

I've had a problem. The lighting system that I installed 8 years ago has finally given up the ghost. The bulbs went and I'm in the throes of getting a new one. This is not such a simple thing as I'm having trouble locating the same bulb and consequently I'm thinking of changing the lighting system. And that's also proving not quite so easy.

I went ahead and ordered a bulb off Amazon, together with the fittings, but the bulb came and I'm now waiting for the fittings. I don't even know if it'll work, so need it all to come so I can work it out. I'll keep you updated on that score in due course.

The coffee plants themselves are doing ok. The smaller ones are now extremely healthy and have grown a lot since moving to their new location last year. They, like me, obviously are benefiting from my erstwhile husband locating elsewhere!

However, the larger one continues to limp on slightly in distress. The leaves keep turning brown and I'm almost coming to the conclusion that maybe a cull is in order. I think I might have to let the larger one go to make room for it's healthier sibs. It's a weighty decision and I don't like killing things, but for the good of the majority etc etc it may just have to be done.

So here's a couple of pics for you:

The larger one with it's not so healthy looking leaves and spindly branches

On the left and centre you can see the smaller plants with their lovely, healthy, new growth leaves. On the extreme right are some of the leaves from the larger one looking a bit less green and a brown on the edges.

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