Sunday, 23 October 2016

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I just love having a Guide Dog puppy to stay!

Mercer arrived on Wednesday morning and he's like a smaller more gentle version of Vespa. Though if you look at the pics you'd think they were spitting images, but really, they're not. Vespa wasn't called The Tank for nothing.

Mercer is rather an anxious pup. An absolute sweetie who can't bear to be away from me for more than a second. He doesn't like new things and couldn't deal with the squeaky toys (Vespa's favourites), which I had to remove from the toy box as he was freaked out by them.

But then he absolutely loves a cuddle and wants to sit on me and go to sleep whenever he can, which is ok as I have a leather beanbag (which has been okay'd by the Puppy Supervisor as something pups are allowed to sit on) and we sit together every afternoon when we can and have cuddles. So cute!

The first day he was here we went off to see my Guide Dog friends Susan and Gordon, who adopted their recently withdrawn puppy Folly. Folly has been to stay with me several times, both with Odi and Vespa and Mercer has been to stay with them. In fact they are the reason I've got Mercer as they were supposed to have him this week, but they have a brand new puppy and felt they couldn't look after 3 of them at once. I was very pleased to step in.

Anyway, Mercer and I went over to see them all and meet the new pup, Molly, who's a pure retriever and not quite 8 weeks old. She was so gorgeous! However, she did pee everywhere and I was pleased I was wearing my wellies!

The funniest thing was though that Mercer wasn't the only anxious pup on the block. Molly is super anxious and she kept squeaking every time Mercer went near her. But then he was anxious about her. It was actually quite hysterical as they tried to play but were too anxious to do so and Mercer would come rushing to me and Molly would rush under anyone's legs. Folly just looked on in amazement. However, Susan did take a delightful pic of Mercer and Molly having made friends for all of 2 seconds before the anxiety set in again.

Mercer is with me for the next 2 days and then he'll go back to Edinburgh. I then have Molly coming just for the day on Thursday. I can't wait!

Mercer and Molly make friends for a second!

Mercer looking remarkably like Vespa
Afternoon cuddles

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