Monday, 10 October 2016

It's all go

Well that was a busy week!

Wednesday was out at badminton then lunch with some Guide Dog friends and I'm going to help out by having another boarder to stay. He's coming next week and is a year old. Really looking forward to that. Pics will be posted of course!

Thursday was National Poetry Day and I went to a writing workshop in Duns Library, which was quite instructive and then out to dinner in Edinburgh with my colleague that I do workshops with as we had a brand new one called 'Mindfulness in the Consultation' we were running on the Friday for NHS Education For Scotland, so we needed to get together and have a last minute check we were on course.We went to David Bann and had a great meal as well as getting ourselves prepared for the next day.

The workshop went well, but it was quite an exhausting Friday. We'll get the reviews in due course and can only hope it was well received.

Saturday I went to my philosophy course. I'm mixing and matching between Tuesdays and Fridays as I don't seem to have 10 weeks where I'm free on the same day. It went ok, but I think I'm going to be the pain in the arse in the class, as I keep asking questions that nobody seems to be able to give me an answer to. Oh well... maybe my philosophy days are numbered!

In the afternoon I had dance class. However, this week wasn't much fun as I just couldn't coordinate my feet and my brain!

After that I had my embarrassing moment. I had a Daith piercing done in April (you might remember - but if not, well it's to help with headaches and is in a rather difficult place to get to in my ear). I had a bar put in rather than a sleeper. Recently I decided that I'd rather like a sleeper... maybe one with a diamond. I mean if you're going to have something showing then make it very showy. That's my motto anyway. I got to the Tattoo parlour and the lovely Sarah was there. She got out all kinds of rings for me to look at and I decided on a rather blingy one. She put it in my ear, swung me round so I could see it in the mirror and I hated it on sight! She was great. She took it out and put my bar back in and didn't even charge me, which shocked the heck out of me. Still, lesson learnt I think. Leave well alone!!

 I took Sunday as a relax day and today came into Edinburgh for a dance class this evening and I'm staying over for my philosophy class tomorrow. It's all go that's for sure!

Tomorrow I'll update you on what's happening with the coffee plants as there's been a slight disaster, but I'm hoping it might get sorted when I get home and get an Amazon delivery. All will be revealed.

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