Friday, 9 October 2015


A few weeks ago I realised the grout in my guest shower room was coming out from between the tiles and I knew I needed to get it sorted. Well on Wednesday I was walking past the village notice board when I saw sign that said 'specialising in plastering, decorating, tiling, plumbing and joinery'. So I thought the least I could do was to give the guy a ring and get him to give me a quote.

That evening Steven from round the corner turned up and, after telling me he was blown away by how beautiful my house was, he quoted me what I thought was a fair price, but, even better, he said he was free at the end of this week and it so happened that today I had nothing on. At 9.30 this morning he turned up and just got on with the job.

In between waiting for the grout to dry so he could put the sealant around the edges, we got talking and he really can turn his hand to anything, which is great as there are certain things e.g. plumbing stuff that I can't do and decorating, which I can, but don't like doing woodwork and as I'm probably going to be putting the house on the market next year this was music to my ears as there are definitely some decorating bits and pieces that need doing and I can always do with a helping hand for odd jobs.

But then he asked me how many bedrooms I have. When I told him his eyes lit up. I showed him around and he was very taken with the place. He then said that it was a shame it didn't have a garage, but then added that the place he's in now has a garage, but it's too small for a car and he'd need somewhere to put his tools. We then went outside to the garden and I showed him the shed. At this point he was already talking 'man cave' and where he'd put his telly!

I ended up saying that of course if he was going to buy the place then I wouldn't be hiring him to paint the woodwork that needs a coat of paint. We both laughed at that one.

I'm not sure he'd actually buy the house, but I have to say that it was lovely to know that, as someone who works on houses a lot, he thought so much of my home and the best bit is I've got help just around the corner should I need it.

I'm so pleased I stopped to look at that village notice board!

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