Sunday, 18 October 2015


I've been meaning to take Vespa on a train for ages, but life has transpired so that we just haven't made it. But yesterday was the day.

I had to go into Galashiels and so decided to take the new train from Tweedbank. It was actually incredibly easy and, although I'd been warned that dogs sometimes don't like the gaps between the train and the platform, Vespa had no problems at all. He trotted onto the train like he'd been doing it all his life and then settled down to see what goodies might be on the floor, before closing his eyes. This all happened in the five minutes between Tweedbank and Galashiels.

A quick grin (or should that be gurn?)....

.... before falling asleep

We spent a happy hour trekking around Gala and doing all we had to do and then got on the train back.

Vespa then spent the afternoon asleep to get over sleeping on the train while I watched the rugby World Cup. I'm was slightly torn between Wales and South Africa as I'm off to South Africa in just 3 weeks, so had no real preference, but it was a different matter in the evening as (after watching Strictly - of course) it was then my favourites New Zealand (sorry Scotland) just because I just love the way they play. Fast, furious and sensational. Who could ask for more.

Today Vespa went off to Mary and Tim's in Kelso while I go to London for 3 days of meeting, dinner, meeting, dinner and the odd lunch, art exhibition and social life thrown in to boot. Busy times.

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