Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Big mistake

Wednesday is Old Lady Badminton and I leave Vespa all alone for a couple of hours with a chew and head off for a workout.

I have to say he's been very good and doesn't seem to mind at all, though when I get home I have to do lots of cuddles and strokes to make up for leaving him.

Anyway, today I played four games in the hour, but made the error of saying yes to playing a game of singles. I won, but it was a tight squeeze and I was absolutely exhausted by the end. So much so that by the time I got home I was still reeling from the shock of all that effort and spent a good ten minutes sitting on the floor with a bottle of water in hand before I could even go and get my shower.

Vespa was rather pleased at this outcome as he came to sit on me and demand my attention while I just sat there in a bit of a daze.

I don't think I'll be going down the singles route again. At least not until my fitness levels have gone up by a good bit. Christine, who I was playing against didn't even attempt another game until after she'd had a coffee. I think both of us will steer clear of making that same mistake next week!

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