Saturday, 18 July 2015

Off again

I've just dropped Vespa off to spend a few days with his pal, Amber, the labradoodle GD pup who was quite sick a couple of weeks ago, but is all better now.

All I can hope is that he behaves himself. I've warned Susan (Amber's puppy walker) to put anything that looks like it could be chewed well out of the way as yesterday, when I left Vespa asleep in the kitchen for about 10 minutes to go upstairs and do a bit of tidying, I came down to find my credit card well and truly crunched.

At least there'd be no problem with identity theft after I'd consigned that to the rubbish bin!

The woman at the Nationwide thought it was hysterically funny and said, 'Well that's a first for me and it's made my day'. Although it's lovely to make someone's day I do wish it hadn't been in quite such a way. The joys of the Labrador part of Vespa's brain I think. I'm hoping the Retriever side will kick in soon.

I'm off to London tomorrow for a meeting on Monday morning and the only thing I'm looking forward to is the weather. Here it's been like Autumn so a bit of sunshine and warmth will be very welcome, but it'll only be a bit as I'll be heading North again on Monday afternoon.

And tomorrow night, while I'm down in London, I'm starting my online course with the International Writing Program at Iowa State Uni. I'm a bit daunted by it right now, but hopefully, once I've managed to negotiate the system they use to deliver classes I'll settle down with it. They've been wonderfully helpful in getting it all up and running, so I've been super impressed with them on that score and am sure the course will be good. Now all I've got to do is my bit!

So that's me for now. I'll be spending my dog-free night vacuuming all those dog hairs just in time for Vespa to come back and deposit more for me to clean, but at least for a few hours when I return my house might be relatively clean.


  1. I know what you mean with cleaning the dog hair. My dog's hair get everywhere in the house and we are always cleaning it up. My dog has chewed up a couple different things but a credit card has not been one of them.

    1. Our German Shepherd used to shed year round. We used to call it 'tumbleweed' cos whenever we opened a door hair would roll across the floor like the tumbleweed in the Mid West! Luckily Vespa's hair is a lot shorter so doesn't ball up. Small recompense for the amount of sweeping I have to do.