Monday, 6 July 2015

Lost in the forest

Yesterday morning, with the sun shining and lovely blue sky, I made the decision to forgo my usual Sunday lazy morning listening to the radio and head on out there before it got too hot to take a dog anywhere.

We went to the gorgeous Bowmont Forest, just south of Kelso and had a wonderful walk. It got extended by quite a bit because I managed to get lost trying to get back to my car. It was rather funny and, as you can see from the photo above, Vespa didn't care in the slightest. We ended up down a very well groomed road on the edge of the forest and luckily came across a house with a woman putting on her riding boots. She just smiled when I asked her the way to the car park. It turns out we'd walked about a mile in the wrong direction!

Sadly my prediction for the weather was as bad as my navigation skills and as we got to the car the sky started to darken. From then on we had a day of sun, then super heavy showers. Boy was I ever pleased I'd decided to go on a walk in the morning. And was I even more pleased we'd managed to find a human to set us on the right path!

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