Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Blatent advert

Dear Friends
Bassman, who is not only a friend, but a talented writer of all kinds of things (he's also the publisher of my self-help book and the master of many a gorgeous photo) has got a new book out on Kindle and you can buy it by going to this link.

Given that it only costs £1.99 - and let's face it there's not much you can buy for that price these days - do give it a go. Here's a bit of blurb to get you in the groove:  

All Danny Tyler wanted was a girlfriend, a quiet life, and to watch his best mate's rock band hit the big time. Then he discovered the gift that would turn his whole world upside down. Now he's stuck in the middle of nowhere, hiding from cameras and newspaper headlines. Home feels like a million miles away. And the very last thing he needs is to fall in love...

So go on... go on... go on... you know you want to...

1 comment:

  1. You're a star, Vee. Hope you enjoy it. Now all I need is for the link to go viral!