Thursday, 22 January 2015

What's been happening... or not

You may have noticed that it's been over a week since I last wrote on this blog. I'm not going to bore you with the details, but briefly it's contained a bit of sickness, a bit of frustration and a change in Broadband provider (which hasn't actually happened yet but has been instigated) and a lovely (post) Christmas lunch with the Old Lady Badminton lot at the Kingsknowes Hotel in Galashiels. I'm hoping to get back to badminton next week as my knee has been feeling a bit better and I feel ready to give it a try out. 

Here's some Odi news for you: her spay was very successful and she's now in her proper Guide Dog training with her personal trainer, Emma, who phoned me to tell me, and I quote, 'She's a very active dog'... erm, well yes, I could've told her that, in fact the person who looked after her when she was last at Forfar for her scan could also have told her that, but there you go. Now I'm to expect no news for at least 5-6 weeks, when I'll get an update as to how she's getting along.

And some Vespa news: Vespa is now known as either The Pee Monster or Lazy Boy, depending on the day. So why The Pee Monster? An example: last week he managed to pee in Lidl twice in one shop. Not sure it did much for my street cred to be followed around by a guy with a bucket, but they were very nice about it. And why Lazy Boy? An example: well sometimes he can't even be bothered to make it past the step and just pees where he is. We're working on it!

We had a disastrous training morning on Tuesday, when we met up with Alex and Quaver in Kelso to go for a walk. The dogs were awful and I found myself in despair at how bad Vespa was. It didn't help that Quaver (who's 7 months old) was barking away like mad and behaving just as badly. We ended up in the garden centre cafe where we were joined by Lynne and Tweedy (who's 10 months old). Vespa spent most of his time desperate to play.

Today I took Vespa over to Lynne's in Tweedbank and we went for a walk, swapping dogs. I loved taking Tweedy, he was so well behaved, but at least I could get to see what I'd been doing wrong with Vespa, so we're now on a new regime. I have hope!

And finally, because I haven't given you a pic for ages, here's one of the coffee plants in their usual winter state. A bit of growth, a bit of brown leaf and that's about it.

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