Monday, 26 January 2015

A sucker for a gadget

Last week when I was in Boots in Galashiels they had lots of fitness gadgets on sale and you know how I love my gadgets... so I ended up with a Fitbit Flex to put on my wrist and measure all kinds of things. That night, after having done my requisite 10,000 plus steps, I felt really ill. Nauseous and headachy. I did a bit of research on the great wide interweb and apparently I'm not the only one, so in the morning back it went to Boots who gave me my money back without a question.

I was thinking an ordinary pedometer would probably do, but then I kind of missed all that technology, so a bit more research and I became the proud owner of a Fitbit One. This one hooks on my pocket and I have no problems with it at all.

And best of all, since I got it I've managed to walk over 26 miles!

Do I really need something to tell me I've not walked enough in a day and to get off my arse and do so? In all honesty I have to say no, but I do find it motivating and at least it's getting me out there and (hopefully) getting myself fitter.

Yesterday, Mountain Man was on a Borders Search and Rescue exercise so Vespa and I were on our own. I decided, as part of my new walking regime, to get out there to Bowmont Forest, which was a favourite walk for Odi and me. We had a great time and he was wonderfully well behaved. He even came to my side when we spotted people and he just walked along quite the thing and didn't want to jump in any of the puddles... so different from our lovely Odi!

We did a great 35 minute walk, which knackered poor Vespa for the whole of the rest of the day, but it certainly added to my walking total and I felt quite energised. This morning Vespa was still in recovery and didn't want to do anything much at all.

I sadly didn't take my camera so no pics of our walk to show, but Lynne took some when we were in the garden centre in Kelso last week and she emailed them across, so here's one for you.

Vespa with pals Tweedy (10 months) and Quaver (7 months)
Hasn't my wee boy grown? He's now 5 months old and weighs in at just under 20 kilos, so no lightweight. I think this pic is great as it shows the complete difference between the more retrievery Tweedy (who looks rather like Odi) and the more labby Vespa and Quaver. I think Vespa is going to be a chunky boy, so hopefully all this walking is going to do him good too.

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