Thursday, 29 January 2015

A (pretty much) non-working week

The lovely thing about being three-quarters retired is that, on some days, I can do all kinds of things that I certainly couldn't do when I was working.

On Tuesday I went into Edinburgh and was a 'lady-who-lunches' with my friend Shirley. We had a really nice meal at Jamie Oliver's in Rose Street and lots of time to catch up. She also bought me my birthday present, which is a bee house. Can't wait for the winter to disappear and then see what bees we can attract to our garden.

Yesterday was Old Lady Badminton. It was the first game back after my cartilage diagnosis and the news isn't that great. I played a good game and won both games I played, but my knee was very sore. I suppose the only good thing is that it didn't give way or lock. I was wearing a support, but next time I'll wear a stronger one and see if that makes a difference.

Today, on a cold and snow filled morning, while Mountain Man was off at a work thing, Lazy Boy and I snuggled down on the bean bag to watch Andy Murray win through to the finals at the Australian Open, before heading off to a meeting in Kelso, by which time the roads were pretty much clear of the white stuff.

And to cap it all, today I got a card with a fab photo of my lovely Odi with her trainer, Emma, from Forfar Guide Dog School.

Yup, all in all a pretty good week so far.

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