Sunday, 4 January 2015

Not a good start

So far my wishes for 2015 have spectacularly crashed and burned and the only thing I can find that's going well is having Vespa around, though to be honest the 5 am starts that we had for the first 3 days of the year haven't helped. Today we're back to 6 am, so that, at least, is in the right direction.

I also had some devastating news from a friend, which has added to the negativity surrounding the start of year. It's hard when there's absolutely nothing I can do but send her love and thoughts.

Anyway, I've planned good stuff for my birthday. My birthday present from me to me (a Dyson digital slim vacuum cleaner) arrived on Friday and is just brilliant - nothing like a bit of cleaning equipment to put a good spin on things - and I'm going away for the weekend to pamper myself and hopefully start my 'proper' New Year in a better way.

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