Saturday, 6 September 2014

Still coughing

I am feeling better, but very slowly. I had a bit of a bad day yesterday cough-wise, but that was after doing an all day workshop the day before. But I thought I'd ring the doctor and check and see if there was anything could be done, as I really don't want to be coughing my way to Spain. However, it looks like I will be as the Doc said there didn't seem to be any infection and she could give me steroids to help dampen down the cough, but I declined that offer and went on my coughing way.

One of the lovely things Odi and I did get to do yesterday morning, was go out with my friend Ann (affectionately known as Mad Ann by Mountain Man and me). I met her years ago when she bought my very first Shetland foal off me. She phone me up and asked if Odi and I would like to accompany her on a bit of a pony drive out in Gordon Community Woodland as she would be passing my door. Sounded like fun, and ever such good training for Odi... so off we trotted in a pony and trap accompanied by a frenzied Odi and Ann's Dandy Dinmont, Wizzie. Wizzie is a bit wary of Odi as she's not really a play-type dog and Odi, as we all know, is.

Anyway, the dogs behaved well and Odi settled down to run ahead of the pony trap. It was so much fun being out in the sunshine along the old railway line. There was only one muddy bit and Odi, much to Wizzie's consternation, lay down and rolled in it, but that was the only negative thing she did, so I felt pretty good about it all.

Today, we had a quick trip into Edinburgh this morning and then I've spent the rest of the day looking at what I'm going to take to Spain with me. As I'm quite a last minute packer I feel like I'm ahead of the game here. I always leave something behind though, so it'll be interesting to find out what that might be.

So that's me. I probably won't do a blog entry tomorrow and I'm off on Monday, so rejoin me here on or around the 18th September and I'll tell you all about my Spanish adventures, which I'm hoping won't include too much coughing.

Take care one and all!


  1. Have a wonderful time, hopefully without too much coughing. Forget to pack things gives scope for shopping, never a bad thing!

    1. And that's why I've paid extra to take a suitcase in the hold!!

  2. Happy Holidays but I have a complaint! Where are the pony and trap piccies? Outrageous! Hope you come back all rested and cough free.