Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Odi goes on an adventure

Ok.... well the good news is that I found the cable for my camera, but sadly not before ordering the new one, which is on it's way and I'm hoping I can return. So yes, Lizzie, you were right!

I didn't take very many pics and they're not totally wonderful (sigh), but you'll get the lowdown tomorrow as I'm off out to dinner soon and I want to tell you the latest Odi news.

Odi has gone to Forfar, to Guide Dog Central Office or 'Big School' as I often refer to it, to get the next assessment to see if she'll make it as a brood bitch. She's gone to have a scan and this has meant a few days stay.

I felt quite sad handing her over to the Puppy Supervisor in the car park at Carfraemill as she hadn't a clue what she was heading for and I worry in case she doesn't settle. I won't know as I don't think they're going to get in touch with me, but she'll be back on Friday afternoon, so it's not all that long. Her start was good as she leapt out of my car and straight into the PS's car no problem, so that boded well.

On the drive home a spreader had left a whole load of muck on the road and the 4x4 I was following threw it up and spattered my lovely white car. So as well as cleaning the house I also had my car to clean, but by the time I got to it it was like it was baked on. I took myself off to the diy car wash in Kelso as it was impossible to get it clean with a bucket and sponge.

The good thing about all this is that it took my mind off Odi not being at home, cos it sure is quiet around here without my lovely bumptious puppy to keep me occupied.


  1. Ooh, I don't know whether to cross my fingers for her or not. How many litters do they have and what happens after that with Guide Dog brood bitches? Bet you're missing her.

    1. I don't know whether to cross mine or not either Denise. They have 4 litters (I think) and then they retire. They actually live the life of a princess as they live with a family while a brood bitch. And yes, I am missing her... the house is so quiet. It hasn't helped that I've heard nothing and don't want to come across as a neurotic puppy walker so have resisted phoning!