Monday, 22 September 2014

Slight hiccup

I've lost the cable to release the photos from my camera onto my computer, in spite of a wall-to-wall search throughout the house, and for some bizarre reason my computer has decided it doesn't want to recognise the disc, so photos remain secure, but undownloadable.

A cable has been ordered and will be with me shortly and the report from my trip to Jerez will have to wait a few more days as I've already been told off once for not putting photos on and don't want to go there again.

One of the good things about the wall-to-wall search is that it turned up all sorts of things I'd completely forgotten about, for instance my much loved stopwatch that I couldn't find about 4 years ago when I needed it and my Sony Walkman that I thought had taken a walk on the wild side when we moved, but had obviously been put in a very safe place.

So come back in another few days and Jerez, complete with undoubtedly not terribly good photos, will be with you.


  1. Bet you find the cable as soon as your other one arrives and the photos are on your computer!
    (p.s. can't believe you still have your sony walkman!)

    1. I had exactly the same thought Lizzie, both about the cable and the walkman!