Monday, 23 December 2013

The moment you've been waiting for

Yes... it's here! The coffee plant Christmas post!

As you can see the larger one is still in it's winter wrapping, while the smaller ones, which were on the window sill for the summer, are now sitting without wrapping and without being directly under the light. The larger one is hogging it all, but the smaller ones are doing ok where they are. I had contemplated forking out for another light but I don't think they need it at present.

There are a few more leaves on them all, but that's all there is to report... no flowers, no berries, no nothing and, imho, not a cup of coffee to be had this side of 2023!

So there you have it... worth waiting for?

Happy Christmas one and all!


  1. Lovely arrangement. Nice to see they're still going and some of them going strong. Merry Christmas!