Sunday, 22 December 2013

Thank you Teddy

There are lots of things that I can think of to do on the Saturday morning before Christmas and, after packing bags in Sainsbury's to raise funds for Border Search and Rescue Unit, shopping absolutely isn't one of them.

I couldn't believe the amount of money some people were spending. One person who, as far as the woman on the till and I were concerned, won the 'spending the most amount of money' prize for the morning, was a guy who spent £473. He kept apologetically saying, 'Well I have got 14 people coming for Christmas dinner,' but even he knew it was excessive. Not helped, I have to add, by his daughter (who was about 14) who had managed to put a few extra items into the trolley... you know the things, those essential items for Christmas dinner, like nail varnish and mascara.

By the time I'd finished my stint (9 - 1) I couldn't bear to do any shopping myself and just wanted out of the there.

We were very lucky because Lynne and her family, who live in Tweedbank and are puppywalking the gorgeous Teddy (aged 9 months), said they'd have Odi for the morning. She had such a fab time that when I went to get her she couldn't have cared less whether I was there or not. In fact I think I was greeted far more enthusiastically by Teddy.

Teddy shares his bed

Odi was exhausted when I got her home and crashed out for most of the afternoon. She woke up just in time for her supper and for our first round of snow of the year. It was quite funny really as her reaction was to rush around trying to eat it!

Odi's first snow experience

And this morning Odi was still quite subdued. So much so that when we braved it to Sainsbury's for a shop (the one that got postponed from yesterday) she behaved pretty damn perfectly and it's actually given me hope for the future.

Tomorrow... all being well... you'll get a coffee plant update. I know you've all been wanting one for ages... go on... admit it... you can hardly contain your excitement, can you?!