Monday, 8 July 2013

Needing good vibes

After posting my June coffee plant update I noticed there were a few creepy crawly-type flies in the soil of the two weaker plants, so before the Andy Murray match came on yesterday I went down to the garden centre in Kelso and sought advice.

I came away with some spray stuff and strict instructions to re-pot them. On the way to the till I came across some Baby Bio plant food tablets and decided to purchase them too. It seemed like a good idea if I was going to jolt them totally out of their comfort zone that I try and give them something to ameliorate the situation.

And so, at just after 9 pm last night, in the quiet of the greenhouse where only the pepper and chilli plants could see, I shook the poor little only just-green souls out of their homes, chucked out the soil and re-homed them.

I sprayed the new soil, stuck in a couple of food tablets, took them back up to their spot on the windowsill, watered them and prayed.

As you are aware, doing anything with coffee plants that involves moving of any sort does not bode well and I was incredibly worried that they would have a heart-attack and that would be that, so I'm really pleased to be able to tell you that they survived the night. In fact they did more than survive... they look quite perked up today. I don't know if this will last and maybe it's just a rally before the finale, but I had to do something.

Just for good measure, and because I don't want any complaints, I gave their bigger greener sibs a couple of food tablets each too. And they too have looked a bit perkier with their top leaves a little more upright today.

I'm keeping my hopes up here and further reporting will be done as and when. All good vibes will be gratefully accepted.

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