Monday, 15 July 2013

It's in the genes

Saturday proved not quite as quiet as I'd hoped courtesy of my next door neighbour's penchant for The Dave Clark Five. In the end I had to remove myself from the situation and go for an extended bike ride.

Luckily yesterday they toned it down a touch and I managed to potter for quite a bit of the day, which was just lovely. Mountain Man arrived home and we went out on our bikes in the heat of the afternoon, followed by a couple of martinis in the heat of the evening... heaven.

Today was fence painting day. We went and chose what's called 'Medium Oak', which was rather more orange than I'd catered for. The good thing about this is that, after painting the second coat, I realised choosing a colour that's close to my tan isn't such a bad thing as I'd managed to spatter myself good and proper, but it didn't show at all.

My tan is coming on a treat. I feel I'm almost ready for my trip to France next week and now look more European than Scottish. There are definitely some advantages to having Russian peasant stock genes.

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