Saturday, 13 July 2013

All's quiet

Having had No. 2 Son to stay for the week and Mountain Man coming and going again, I'm now left to a quiet weekend all on my own.

I took my son back to Edinburgh for a movie session yesterday. He, No. 1 Son and I went to see Pacific Rim. I had read a review somewhere (which conveniently has disappeared from the web) which urged me to see it. It wasn't terrible, but it just wasn't terribly good. Far more style over substance in my view. However, it was a birthday treat for No. 2 Son who is 27 today and that is a whole lot more scary than the movie!

After the movie we got a takeaway from the Noodle Bar and then I left them to it and headed back to the quiet of the house. Far too quiet for my liking.

I will do a bit of pottering in the garden, but given that Peter the Gardener came for his first session the other day and blitzed the whole place in a 6 hour marathon, which has left me little to do - and yes I know that's the point of having someone help out, I just didn't realise how much he'd do in his first session. I also didn't realise quite how guilty it would make me feel, but I'm sure I'll get over that one in time.

And finally, I will get on with my course, which seems to have taken a bit of a back seat lately, but with no excuses left I'll just have to settle down to it.

Mmmm... now where's that course manual? That'll be the first task then!

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