Sunday, 7 July 2013

I cried!

I was so overemotional after Andy Murray won, I couldn't contain myself and I actually cried.

What an amazing match and Murray, in my opinion, deserved to win. I couldn't believe some of the tennis played and I was totally keyed up by the end so a few tears were to be expected.

It didn't help that earlier in the day I'd been making some soup and managed to break my lovely blender. Luckily it is still under guarantee so I have to make a trip to John Lewis tomorrow to see what can be done.  I think it was down to a bit of stupidity on my part, but now I don't have a blender and I don't have any soup either as it had too many bits of plastic in from the blended spatula and had to be thrown out.

It did strike me as rather amusing that on one of the hottest and most beautiful days I was sitting inside watching the telly. It also was a bit ironic that I was making soup too, though that was to be a cold one, but cooking and hot days don't usually go together in my world.

So that's the end of this year's Wimbledon. And in spite of a few hiccups on the way and a few quite awful matches (the women's final for example), finally all's well that ends well as they say!


  1. Glad you enjoyed the tennis so much and hope you're enjoying the heat wave as well.

    1. Having missed yesterday in the sun, it was such a relief to find it shining today. I had to go into Edinburgh for a few hours, where I was dressed totally inappropriately in shorts and T as summer didn't arrive til around 1.30 when I was leaving. 24 degrees in the Borders... now that's what I call summer!