Saturday, 20 July 2013

France here I come!

With the warm weather not abating and yesterday being a lovely evening, I made the decision to take up an offer from Mountain Man to watch him and his comrades in arms (better known as The Borders Search And Rescue Unit) on one of their annual outings to the Kelso Common Riding last night. This particular Ride Out and ensuing races being the culmination of Kelso Civic Week.

Kelso Civic Week is actually a whole week of activity, which is more than can be said for Gordon (where I live), as you can see from the pic.

The picture tells it all!

I arrived at the venue just in time to watch the procession headed by the Kelso Laddie. Once they'd all dismounted and got themselves ready there followed loads of races up the field. It was quite a controversial affair, as, at the end of all bar 2 of the races, there followed complaints by disgruntled non-winners.

The Kelso Laddie arrives

Lovely horse!

Mountain Man had a bit of work to do as there were a few fallers, but no-one had more than their pride dented.

Mountain Man gets ready for work

Tonight we head for the National Theatre live production of Macbeth at our local cinema in Galashiels. I always enjoy these productions as it's rather nice to be able to watch great theatre and eat popcorn at the same time!

Tomorrow I head for London, where I have a meeting on Monday and then on Tuesday I'm off to France for a week of R&R courtesy of my lovely schoolfriend, Sara, her enigmatic husband Krzyzstof and their absolutely beautiful 3 Great Danes.

Sara, Krzyzstof, MM and 3 gorgeous dogs a couple of years ago

I love going to stay with them as the weather is usually very good, the company supreme and the food... well it is France! Undoubtedly more pics when I get home.

Bon voyage, mes amis!


  1. Lovely! Have lots of fun and for once I hope you get our wonderful weather over there.

    1. It lived up to expectation, plus a thunderstorm or two for dramatic effect!