Thursday, 20 June 2013

Not doing much?

I don't know why, but I thought I wasn't really doing anything much this week, but it turned out a little different.

Monday was a chiropractor appointment. I don't think I've told you about this, but Mountain Man had a free examination and had treatment, which seemed to be helping and he got me a free examination appointment too. So I too have been having treatment for the last couple of weeks. Both of us, so it happened, had an appointment at much the same time, so we decided to go out for dinner in Edinburgh afterwards. We went to Bonsai, which was very good. Then we went home as MM had to pack for his second London to Paris bike ride of the year. He went off on Tuesday.

I spent a day mainly pottering and tidying and the on the work front, I had to go to an evening talk in Edinburgh. Ages ago I'd been invited to this and also, at that time, was told there'd be a dinner to go to too. But that was the last I heard of the dinner bit in spite of many reminders of the talk and so assumed there'd be no dinner. I was wrong. Because I needed to drive home and not stay in Edinburgh that night I was very good and drank water and, after a lovely meal at Kalpna (a veggie Indian) I dashed home to catch up with all the things I'd planned for that night.

Wednesday saw another dash up the road as I had my last poetry session of the current term. There were quite a few missing due to holidays, so only 8 of us were there, but it was still a good laugh. After we went for a drink to celebrate 'school's out' and because it was a beautiful sunny day, we sat outside. How great to be sitting in Edinburgh sunshine having a glass of lager and chilling.

End of term drinks
Then it was another chiropractor appointment followed by another meal out, but this time with No. 2 Son. We went to Red Box Noodle Bar, where you can eat and enjoy for around £5. Lovely. Then we went back to the house and sat outside chatting until it got a bit cold. By that time all I was ready to do was sit and watch The Apprentice followed by bed.

Today I have yet another chiropractor appointment this morning and then I'm off for lunch with my friend Shirley who I haven't caught up with for ages, followed by a work meeting.

I'm quite enjoying this mix of work and pleasure. I'm not sure where the chiropractor fits in with either of those as it's certainly not work and it's certainly not pleasure, but hopefully in the end it might lead to feeling good. I have another 4 appointments to go before I make a decision to continue or not. I'll let you know.

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