Friday, 14 June 2013

Happy times

I arrived in Dumfries and Galloway yesterday afternoon to spend some time with Denise.

We had a lovely afternoon chatting away and then, after what was probably the best pizza ever (but this was after we'd shared a bottle of Prosecco), it was time for the hot-tub.

The cattle in the field next door decided to come and have a nosy, which called for a photo moment....

Me in the hot-tub with cattle voyeurs

Then the dogs decided to get involved (Denise has 3: Tess, Chico and Rolf) but Tess was down the side of the tub so you can't see her:

Chico gets in on the action
Rolf and me 'chatting'

After 2 hours and skins like prunes, we braved the freezing cold to run to the house and get warmed up.

It was a fun evening.


  1. What gorgeous dogs! (Biased? Me?)
    And I can confirm it was the best pizza ever - not to mention great company :-)

    1. Yes to all of those, Denise!

  2. You look pretty gorgeous yourself, Vee! I'm glad that retirement is turning out to be such fun - can't wait for my turn! x

    1. Thanks MG. I think in this case Denise's camera certainly lies!