Sunday, 1 August 2010


As promised yesterday, here's a photo of Anne, Bridge and me with our winnings:

Also, after my beloved doing the honours for me, I did the honours for him and Nell and I were there to greet him yesterday at the end of his 95 mile Sportive bike race round the Borders. He was a little slower than he wanted to be, but at least he finished in one piece, looked pretty ok, and wasn't last.

 Then it was off the bike and into a seat with a large slice of cake to eat - that's my beloved I mean and not the dog though from this photo you might be hard pressed to see who was eating it!

Miraculously this morning no-one would've guessed at the previous day's activities, as my beloved wasn't stiff at all and we went off into Edinburgh to celebrate my youngest son's birthday a mere 3 weeks late with a lunch at Mother India. We hadn't been able to go for a birthday meal before due to all kinds of things that got in the way of us all being in one place at one time.

I can certainly recommend the restaurant. They serve Indian tapas and it was absolutely delicious. Good choice from No. 2 son!


  1. Your beloved looks in pretty good shape after a 95 mile cycle. I think I'd be lying on the ground unable to move!

  2. I couldn't believe that he got up the next day and felt really good. I was exhausted just thinking about it!

  3. The only part of your beloved's epic journey that I identified with was the cake at the end! Am very impressed with his efforts, and with yours. Congrats on the pony results! Love the hat, by the way...

    MG x