Monday, 9 August 2010

A lovely time

Pittenweem was just lovely. There was a moment of jollity on the Friday night, as right on cue at 6.30 when the opening night started, it began to rain, just like last year. Luckily this year though, the rain stopped pretty soon after it started and so didn't dampen anything much, as last year it was brollies to the fore. However, the weather was mixed with most of it a bit on the grey side, which, when looking back at the village from the harbour in the above photo, makes it seem quite East Neuk austere.

The flowers were in full bloom and the whole place was alive with art. Some of it very good and some, well put it this way, there's something for all tastes! If you've never been it really is an experience. There are some 90+ art venues displaying extraordinary diverse tastes and on the opening night it was hard to move in some venues. The festival goes on for a whole week, but some seemed to have almost sold all their wares on the first night. It's interesting to see what sells and what doesn't and there was one poor lady who's venue I visited on Saturday afternoon, with about 50 paintings and not one had a red dot. There's installations, paintings, drawings, jewelery, in fact if you can think about it it's probably somewhere in Pittenweem right this moment.

And we had a great evening on Saturday night. Originally N told me that her friends who were coming to dinner had decided that we should have some music to dance to and have a kind of rave for the 60's generation. We spent some time trying to hook my iPod up to her system as I have my 60's singles compilation that N and I had put together in the 80's on it, but couldn't get it to work. Luckily N found her tape of it and so we reverted to the good old tape machine. However, after a delicious meal and some interesting chat, the music was completely forgotten and it was only when the friends left that N put the music on and whilst I went off to bed, she danced the night away and virtuously washed up all at the same time. A real multi-tasker at work... and unsurprisingly she didn't rise til well past sunrise the next day!

Meanwhile Coldstream's last ride out of the season was entirely uneventful, so my beloved spent the weekend starting all kinds of jobs around the house, which sadly will probably take some time to get finished. I'm hoping we'll get visitors soon as that always seems to spur him on to finish the DIY tasks that he's started... please?... anybody?

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  1. how very well put... lol! Art for all tastes... i would not have been as diplomatic...hehe...