Thursday, 12 August 2010

Saving some money?

When I was in Pittenweem I bought a sculpture. Actually to be fair, although I took it away, it was my friend, N, who very kindly subbed me as I didn't have my cheque book and the guy didn't do cards... so effectively it was she who bought the sculpture. Anyway, it was lovely. A piece of elm that stood about 3ft high and had a beautiful glass insert. I was very taken with it. However, the reality was that it was too big and didn't go anywhere where there was natural light in my house, and it didn't look the same with a light bulb behind it. Luckily I had it on appro, and so back it went last night. Even luckier was that the sculptor's brother happens to live in Galashiels, so a trip of around 3 hours all the way to Pittenweem and back was avoided and I dropped it off a mere 24 minutes from where I live. Sad to see it go, but such is life.

Then I had to make sure that N's cheque was to be returned to her, and eventually got hold of N herself to check all was fine for her. She is such a star and has a wonderful way of putting things. I was telling her all about the fact that I'm changing my work arrangements around and that potentially it might mean a bit of belt tightening on my part, when she reminded me that I've already saved loads by taking the sculpture back and by not buying any paintings this year. Made me smile, until I remembered all the purchases that have been made recently... I currently think the deficit might outweigh the credit on this one, but at least it made me laugh!

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